Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting AGAIN.

Why is it that blogs are eerily similar to resolutions we set each year? It is so hard to do all the work stuff, home stuff, and find time to post a blog or two (or following that fitness regimen you swore you'd start).

I am now going to try my best to post at LEAST twice a week. Perhaps a weekend schedule would be more fitting!

I have another fun thing to post about it's called NO CARBS. Been trying my hand at a low carb lifestyle and I must say it's been going rather well. There's some serious science backing up these plans, so I'm faithful that it'll all come out nicely in the end. Hopefully nicely = size 6ish.

Anywho, first one of many (hopefully) and I usually keep 'em short, so read away or follow away - whichever your heart desires. I'm off to eat cauliflower-crusted pizza (*will share the recipe later!!).

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