Wednesday, January 6, 2010

lettuce discuss...

So I say I shall write a book. What's new? You've been hearing that for quite some time now.

In the mean time until I can force myself to sit down for a moment and scribe... you will receive blog posts.
At work we do a little thing called THE BIGGEST LOSER. This is today's email turned blog. ETB for future references.

"If you think you’re eating healthy at all of these little chain restaurants, I can tell you that you are sadly mistaken. You have to REALLY look with a magnifying glass at the things you are consuming. Unfortunately – the chicken nachos “Billy Barou” @ Moe’s ordered straight up and delicious have 1495 calories and 90 grams of fat. YES – 9-0!

(insert main burrito pic here)

Here’s how to make those a little sweeter on the calorie budget –

Fried corn tortillas (chips) - Hello, Moe. Can I please have just a few chips? Max needs for chips is 15 tortilla chips. Yes, they are still not the greatest for you but they WILL NOT kill your previous good eats for the day. A normal serving for tortilla chips is 12-15. Stick with those numbers.

Cheese, please – holy Moely, they love that stuff there! Firstly, they give you a giant ladle (up to 3 depending on the person working) full of it. Okay – yeah, that’s a lot. HOWEVER, they then add on the shredded cheddar/Mexican blend. There is a way to beat the cheese bandit – ask for just a small amount of cheese. Cheese is actually good for you – calcium consumption can lead to loss of belly fat. NOTE: No, you can’t eat just cheese and be thin for life ~ SORRY! Ask for a “very little” bit of the melted cheese and skip the cheddar blend!

Meats for Treats - Chicken! Pollo! Bock Bock!! Try to stay away from beef (they don’t use filet, trust me), pork (not sure the part of the pig either), and tofu. Tofu is usually great if you make it yourself, but at Moe’s they toss it on an oily grill and fry, fry, fry! Yep, it tastes awesome but it will bulge that belt! Keep to the veggies or do your best to love the chicken!

Veggies – go for beans, they keep you full for a while and have great benefits too (iron, manganese, blood sugar stability, antioxidants, tons of fiber, & protein, oh my!) Load up on any of the veggies you want. If you add jalapeƱos and their spicy friends you might end up benefitting from some upped metabolism for the rest of the day.

Sour cream – no. Guacamole – not so much, but if you have will power, stick to 1 tsp. max. Salsa – POUR IT ON, baby!"

Peace out my little burritos,

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