Thursday, January 7, 2010

awh, man!

It is with great sadness that I admit I did not go to the gym! I was supposed to meet a friend for birthday fun and maybe birthday food (not to be confused with any recently popular songs related to birthday activities). I didn't want to show up sweaty b/c really, who wants to eat with Sweaty Betty? I think no one.

So, I blew off the gym, my phone died, my charger sucks and damnit if I wasn't in snowy craptastic traffic on 285 wondering how I might get in touch with this birthday kid!? Longest story shorter, I decided to stroll to his work (my previous employer as well). Phone still dead, I stroll into the door with him texting me to tell me that his (my old) boss is standing right next to him and he won't be able to meet me for dinner. Okay - GREAT TIMING! Here I stroll into the office and bam - old boss in face (we luckily played nice the entire time I worked for him)! Anywhoooz, Robby Rob blows dinner to smitherines and I decide to go eat sauce-free Japanese. If you want to know what that is - you gotta ask. Not worth the time you will waste reading if you do not care.

Anyway, I go buy a new phone charger @ Staples (2nd trip there today - seriously!?) and I'm getting juiced up. Motivation and energy to attend treadmill class 101 melts like the sad little Atlanta snowflakes and here I am blogging on my fat rear wondering why I decided it was a great idea to eat my 20 extra WW points for the week.

Another day, another mistake. Oh wellzies.

Date with Little One Smalls tomorrow; long time, no see and thus, I'm pumped.

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