Sunday, January 10, 2010

think fast!

Trying to put a little something in here before this laptop battery dies! Unfortunate because I had quite a bit of work to knock out so my day could go smoother tomorrow. Now, I suppose I have to be at work at like 745a~! yikes.

Had a lovely weekend and a great time trying to make myself become a runner. Skipped everything possible on Friday. Ate some delicious Everybody's Pizza with Smalls in the Highlands and then watched the most ridiculous movie ever. I'm very serious when I say this might possibly be the worse movie I've ever wasted my life on (a close second: "He's Just Not That Into You"). Couldn't force myself into the frozen ATL weather to make it home so I crashed on the couch.

Saturday came about - went apartment shopping with Vic and finally found an apartment. It's funny b/c we looked for quite some time and tried to find something that would fit our needs perfectly - we ended up going with the first place Victoria mentioned before the hunting even began. We're moving to Toco Hills/N. Druid Hills into Camden St. Clair. If you know where that is, you know that I will be living much closer to the rest of you in the city. Don't hate on my previous abode b/c it was pretty spiff. Right now, it's actually pretty stiff. Frozen. Snow. Main floor won't heat. Can't feel feet with slippers on. 2 shirts. Still cold. Get it??!!

Sunday = funday. Woke up and made some fresh cinammon rolls for a brunch with friends. We ended up having tons of delicious food and tons of delicious conversation. I tried to make Nicola a vampire in my new phone app, but didn't succeed so much. Left brunch immediately after vampire fail and met Jackie for a long workout. Thanks to my awesome friends, I am having a much better time with this new 1/2 marathon goal. If it weren't for everyone that agreed to work out with me, I might want to just fall onto the moving treadmill and be shot to the other side of the room.

Got home a while ago and now I'm working on some fun ViiV stuff & messing around on the WWW. yeah, I said it. Bringin' it back!!!!!!!

Time for bed? Damn - only 7pm! :( Guess I will find a way to drag myself upstairs to upload pics to the WWW (yep) and clean my room up... where are my friends NOW?! and why is it almost time to go to work again? :(

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